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From your older brother w ♡

Country: Las Vegas Nevada

Date to Memorialise: Oct of 1998

My heart indeed is so concerned and affected emotionally, even today about the fact that my biological mother trusted me with a conversation years ago, about her making a decision that she said to tears will always take back forever that is not having my YOUNG brother after me come to this world. Because she choose not to tear up her lower back with the pregnancy process.

When I visit the site in which it happened, it only tears me inside being the fact that I already go through loneliness and despair at times because of no family and no relationships. So, it's hard to cope the fact that I would've have a younger bro at my side because now my older brother has come to live his married life away from me and my parents. I miss you my bro Andrew. I know in my heart you are male, and I named you that after mom telling me she had a dream of you being a boy time after the decision.


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