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To my first, Azizah or Ahmed,

Country: Dallas, United States Month: February 2017

Whoever you could have been or whatever you wanted to be, know momma loves you and misses you everyday, know that she's sorry and hopes you will understand, one day reuniting again.

Know that your dad has thought of you and is sorry too, though we are no longer together, I know he must of prayed to you.. We love you and I know you will always be my side.

Know that if you were here now, your dogs would love to lick your face everyday, grandma and grandpa will give you lots of love and the daddy you would have now will spoil you rotten. I will support you in any thing you would do. I miss and love you baby A, know that mommy is always praying and talking with you.

I hope your being a good brother or sister to your sibling who has met you there. Sometimes I believe god took your sibling away from me so you wouldn't be alone. I love you both. -mom


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