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Men & Abortion

Abortion has long been regarded as a women's issue. It is not just a woman's issue—it is also a man's issue. Each abortion situation includes a scenario for the man involved. And it needs to be said that men can be equally affected by a recent or past abortion, though it can be harder for men even to talk about it. If you have a story you would like to share email

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Thinking Man on Couch

Effects On Men

Many factors influence how a man will respond to an abortion. Thoughts and feelings before or after and abortion depend on whether or not he allows himself to get in touch with his feelings surrounding the pregnancy and abortion.

Scenarios For Men

The prospective father is likely to play an important part in the decision for childbirth or for abortion. It is well-recognised that attitudes of the husband or male partner towards a pregnancy can strongly influence a woman’s abortion decision. 

Thinking Man
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