"The Unforgotten Babies" A5 Booklet -

The inspiration behind the Buttons project.

This is part of my abortion story and journey of healing.  Along with my husband, Peter, sharing from a male perspective, which is often not heard.

This is a great resource for all those that work in the community sector, churches, schools, all walks of life and for those personally affected by abortion. It has support networks and abortion research links.  To order a booklet please email marina@buttonsproject.org or for further information you can get in touch via our contact us page.


Post Abortion Trauma Healing Service



P.A.T.H.S. is an information site which offers insights into the life after abortion, the possible effects and impact on people and relationships. Their desire is to offer “hope” for those hurting after their abortion experiences and understanding for those in relationship with them, as well as information for those in helping roles whose paths they may cross. 


Living in Colour.

A healing and recovery programme for women who have experienced abortion.



Living in Colour is an eight week course which has been used successfully in many countries around the world.  It gently helps you process what was happening for you at that time, who was involved and the emotional impact of the decision.  The final chapter celebrates the process of emerging from the 'grey zone' of unresolved loss into a life of greater colour and freedom.

If you would like to find out more, please email the Living in Colour national co-ordinator, Barbara Hill on livingincolournz@gmail.com or Marina on marina@buttonsproject.org. All inquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.



Pregnancy Counselling Services Incorporated


PCS want you to remember that you are not alone in your situation.  There are many others like you, who feel the same way and face the same problems.  They are a support service not only for those women who are experiencing an unplanned or worrying pregnancy, but will also help anyone suffering after an abortion.

Buttons Project Singapore


Email june@buttonsproject.org.sg

Project Rachel (NZ)

Post Abortion healing Ministry




Ph 0800-111-811


Provides information about the abortion aftermath, women’s stories, healing and hope to those grieving after abortion. Plus resources. 



Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats
Healing the wounds of abortion—

one weekend at a time.



These weekend Retreats are an experience of emotional and spiritual healing for those whose lives have been touched by abortion.  The experience of abortion can be very isolating.  Among the comments most frequently made by Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat participants, is they found themselves in ‘safe hands’ and that ‘something very deep had shifted.’.  "The Retreat was like reaching safe ground.  Something has shifted.  I didn’t know that I would feel so settled… I feel whole."

Wendy Hill – Retreat Facilitator,
Email:   info@rachelsvineyard.org.nz
Ph 04 9748693 or 0277332990
Suzanne O’Rourke – Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats Site Leader,
Email:  suzanneor@gmail.com
Ph 04 9748691 or 021549528

The Stacy Zallie Foundation



Assisting women who have made the difficult choice of ending their pregnancy in finding a caring, non-judgmental resource to help restore their happiness and reconnect with their loved ones and their future.

support services

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