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Paterson, New Jersey │

Date: 27th April 2020 Lily : Isaiah

My Lily it’s been a couple months I miss you. I regret it so much I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you when you were at your weakness, I’m sorry I wasn’t the mother I was supposed to be to you, I regret listening to everybody, I knew deep down I wanted you, I was just scared & alone.

You didn’t deserve this, I think about you everyday, there’s not one day I don’t think about you.

It’s been 9 months already you would’ve been here today. I broke down again thinking about you, how beautiful you would’ve bee, how you deserved the chance to live & I took it away. Even though you were just 8 weeks I know you are a girl which is why I named you lily. My lily my baby girl, I miss you i hope you are okay... I think to myself everyday why didn’t you get the chance to live... but your grandmother forced this on me & I didn’t stand up for us I’m sorry .. I hope we get to meet real soon, you will always be my first child always in my memories


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