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Happy Souls

City and Country: Hyderabad, India Date to Memorialise : Month, Y:9,2021

We had a deep love on each other, out of which we felt lonely if any of us doesn't pay attention to one other. So we became closer even more and try to be close even situations don't prefer to be. So out of our love, one day we got to know that.. We two are not the one who are with us.. And simultaneously we had dicey feelings that.. Very huge happy bursting inner with the new baby coming to us.. But at the same time..

Depending on the situations, had a thought of, it is very unfortunate for us, we are not sure that the baby will see the earth and all of us and play and live with us.. After bearing the sadness of the volcano inside.. We both decided to abort and say very sorry to God and all our inner to the baby..

We proceeded further.. After doing that.. All the feelings started to happen then about doing that.. And we felt and feeling now too.. Whenever we feel depressed or get a thought on this.. We spare and express our sorrow and felt each other.. Now we feel like.. After watching your video on YouTube.. Our baby is very happy.. Playing laughing, dancing in front of us whenever we close our eyes and always lives with us in all our happy moments. We would like to pray for him wherever he is.. For his well being, long and healthy life..

With all our blessings.. We both love him from bottom of our heart always!!


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