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I love you nana


Date to Memorialise: May 2022

Baby, you were alive in me for four months and I really did not even know. I was crazy, we went to so many beautiful places together we were living my dream together. You blessed my life during the time you were with me and I'm so sorry that I did not even know you were there and my attitude and shock when I learnt that the bump growing in my tummy was you.

I knew I had to let you go because I can't be a single mother now. It would not be the life I want for myself, nor would I want for you to have a resentful mother and no father figure. but I loved you the moment I knew about you and I love you more those few days that I got to carry you with me.

I know you would have grown to be a beautiful kind and strong girl who I would have loved all my life. I miss that image of you and in another reality, we would have been an amazing mother-daughter duo. I love you. I'm sorry that I'm a bad mother and I couldn't keep or protect you. I love you, I don't know if you will know but I don't want you to feel unloved because I didn't choose this because I didn't love you. I'm so sorry. please forgive me baby.

I am always praying for your safety in the afterlife, I will keep praying for your peace and that you're in the loving, redeeming, accepting arms of God. I love you, please forgive me, please if you know, know that I love you and will remember you always. I love you nana. I will love you and remember you forever. I will never forget you.


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