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I'm sorry

Country: Singapore Date to Memoralise: August 2021

From mom:

Know that for every second I have carried you, I’ve loved you more than you can imagine. I am so, so sorry that I was not able to keep you safe and give you a life that you deserved to have. I wish that my circumstances were different, that I was able to bring you into this world and show you that the safest place you could be was in my arms. I'm sorry for letting you down.

From dad: you will always be my first and my eldest. I’m sorry that u cant experience the love we have for u but just know what we had to do was out of love. u deserve paradise and not a life full of maybes. I promise I will never let your future siblings down. I love you and I hope to see u one day.

Daddy & mommy loves you very much.


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