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I Think About You Three Often

Australia |

These three babies who now live in heaven have a half-brother here on earth.

He's delightful and little babies, your mother may not have coped with your births. It’s likely that I, as your grandmother, would have become your parent. I think about you three often.

Your mother has now become the most delightful mother of your half-brother. She is in a completely different season - of health, of where she sees life, of partnership with your half-brothers Daddy, and of relationship with your grandfather and me.

Your mummy has gone through a lot of life since each of you were conceived. We can celebrate that because she is a different person to who she was back in 2006, 2008 and 2009. She has hope for the future.

As a result of my experience, I came across the work of Marina Young and The Buttons Project. In meeting Marina, your story then went on to motivate the promotion of her work. This in turn has meant the stories of MANY women have been heard and that healing has taken place for many.

Including healing for me. Even though, at times, tears still flow.Little babies, I'll see you in heaven one day. I'll ask God to point you out to me.Until then...



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