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I want you again

Country: Singapore

Date to Memorialize: Aug 2023

It was not easy for your mother and me to decide this. The day we find she is pregnant, it was mixed emotion of happiness with little shame. We see in our backyard for what we have for you; we had few things, but few critical things are missing or not in proper shape.

We still don't have a proper roof over head. I don't have enough savings for our future, I am earning nowhere near to global standard and your mother is still educating herself. We still require few years to come out of our inherited poverty and low standard of education, which is the only option available for our parents.

Few time, we decided to keep you as we are not in as bad shape as others. If they are managing then we also can, but then we remember few things from our childhood. Being unwanted baby (your mother) and from the family with little or no savings and without proper roof over head (your father, me), our childhood and teenage gone into hard work to make up for these things, we hardly have any good memories of that time. We don't want same things happen to you. Every night, I pray to the god to return only you to us once we are ready. Please come to us, it helps us to relive this guilt feeling for not having you at this time. I promise to give you best care, guidance and education possible.


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