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I will miss you forever.

Country: England, UK

Date to Memorialize: December 2016

To my baby I am sorry for the choice that I made, you were innocent & I wish I could take it back. I had just battled an eating disorder & on medication for anxiety when I found out.

I was worried that this would have caused you harm as I did not know I was pregnant. I didn’t realise what I was doing, I did not have enough information or support leading up to it.

I did long to keep you & let the worries of we’re I was going to live; money and a single parent take over I regret not being able to listen to your heartbeat & see you on the scan as I knew if I did it would break my heart and make my decision impossible to go through with.

I hope you can forgive me; I will never forget you & will have to live with this regret every day of my life. I pray you are at peace and that I will meet you some day, I now see that you were sent to me at my darkest times from God, I am so sorry I was supposed to be the one to protect you.



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