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Sworn to Secrecy

1959 | New Zealand |

I read your story of the Buttons Project, and want you to accept these Buttons. They were given to me by my late sister, who had arranged an illegal abortion for me in the year 1959.

I was sworn to secrecy, and then spent years, living with fear, shame, guilt and mental illness. There was no one I could tell why I was in such a mess.

I became a Christian in 1983, and even though I embraced the new way of life, and healing, I still cringed inside with regret for what I had done as a teenager. I read about your testimony in March this year. Have tried to write you—many times. But, today I am going to write, and post this along to you, I feel I must.

Since I read your story, I have prayed daily for the safety of every unborn child and that mothers and fathers would find the love, forgiveness and acceptance of Jesus. I also ask for those of us who have had abortions in the past to come to know about His amazing love and kindness.

Thank you for being so brave in sharing your story. I respect you so very much and pray many women will be healed by your testimony. God bless.


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