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My child

Country: U.K.

Date to Memorialise: Y:2013

My little one, so full of potential, my little baby, you were dearly loved. I was swayed too easily with my poor mental health, the professionals offered me no support, I was made to feel I had made a mistake, when really I had made you.. you were no mistake. Still, I cannot excuse what I did that day.

Jehovah knows I am sorry for what I have done, I live with the regret every waking moment and sleep is no relief when I spend my dreams looking for you, my baby. Sometimes In restless dreams I get hold you and when I wake I am numb. When I took your life I took all that was good in mine, you were me, the biggest part of me. Yet I am selfishly here and you are not.

I know not of your final resting place, just a distant memory of a clinical room and a paper bowl. You will be my first and last thought, till my last breath. I hope one day I can hold and kiss you. I pray that I am forgiven. I love you my baby, And although I don’t deserve the title, I will sign my message to you from mum x


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