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My little angel in heaven

Country: Baguio Philippines

Date to Memorialise: 2010/10

My little angel, mama is sorry that I didn't give you a chance to live , Mama is sorry that I decided to end your life instead of making a life with you, I was so scared, broken, and lost ,adults around me are scary, the life I have that time is scary, my angel I never forget you, I will forever remember you . I wish I had you when I know better, I wish I had known better, I wish I was brave enough to have you.

Sorry my angel, I wish someone stopped me that day, I wish I saved you that day. Mama is so sorry, I asked God for forgiveness, but I can't forgive myself. If I can go back and meet my 17year old self I will save you and take care of you.

I will forever miss you my little angel.


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