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The Button Canvas

LUKE • 30 October 2000 | New Zealand |

This is an art piece of the ultrasound scan of Adira at 20 weeks old being knitted in my womb. Adira was born full-term on May 21st 2019. Luke was taken by abortion on October 30th 2000. He is one of many, some of them are remembered, and many of them have been forgotten.

I made a decision that would put me on a path of self-destruction and endless punishment. A raging anger taken out on loved ones and complete strangers. The shame and guilt consumed me to a point where I had nowhere to turn, I tried everything to drown it out, and nothing worked.

My turning point came 15 years later when I chose to surrender and start talking about it with love. The love of a man I had not ever known or wanted to know. His name—Christ Jesus.

My hope for the Button Canvas is to start conversation, to understand, to remember, to grieve and to heal. It’s not only the mum; it’s the dad, the brother, the sister, the grandparent, the aunty, the uncle, the friend, a child who are affected by abortion. It touches everything and everyone when there is no healing.

This art piece has given me much healing; it’s the final end of shame and guilt. It is done. I hope and pray for those who seek healing find the conversation they need to start the journey.


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