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To Misha from mommy and daddy

Country: Dallas, Tx, United States Date to Memoralise: July 2017

Dear Misha,

Mommy and daddy tried so hard to keep you here but we were not ready or expecting you so soon. You left us too soon and with that ever since then, mommy has not been the same.

I still pray and talk to you as if you are here and know one day ill see you with your brother, I know you two are playing together and keeping each other company, along with the rest of our family already with you.

The other day at the Obgyn I was told the news I feared the most, the worst part was the room next to me was where they did the sonograms and when I heard the couples baby heartbeat so fast, loud, and clear I completely lost it and broke down crying knowing I regret everything and wish that could be me.

I never wanted to runaway from a place so fast until that day........ever since that appointment I keep thinking of you and your brother. I pray that one day I will be able to be with you two, my babies. I hope one day I will finally be able to carry a sibling here.....but until then ill keep writing/ talking to you and your brother.

love you both, mommy and daddy

p.s. were sorry


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