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To our precious baby

Country: Singapore

Date to Memorialise: 28 April, 2022

I love kids so much that it hurts, so whenever I thought I would get pregnant, which I assumed would be way later in my life, it would always bring the biggest smile to my face. But you wanted to meet me early I think.

I am so sorry I was not ready for you. I was just 21 trying to make something of myself. I know it was my decision and I am supposed to be okay with myself, but how come now every achievement feels less all of a sudden, as if you were what I needed.

I wanted you to come to a stable environment and it was just not time yet. Maa and Dad loved you a lot and trust me if circumstances would be different, we would meet you soon! Those 7 weeks were enough for me to know that you were the most precious baby, my love. Never told anyone, I just knew you were a girl, had this strong intuition. I guess I will never know. I am sorry, my love. Maa loves you the most!


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