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Unforgettable moment of loss of our baby in whole of our life.

Country: Bangalore and India

Date to Memorialize: 16 June 2023

My first marriage was ended with divorced with one daughter was blessed, when I was at the age of 12 years. Though I was not ready to be a mother at that age. I did wait to feel the kick of baby and carry baby in my womb and speak to my baby with my conscious mind later in future (29 years) for 16 years.

I met my soul mate about 3 years ago and I did conceive after my current marriage, but my baby heartbeat was late with some medical conditions. I was scared when I was carrying whether I can take the responsibility of my first child whether I can pay for her education even though I was not had or have mother feelings towards my first child still I want to make her independent. With lot of confusions and medical conditions I took the step of aborting my current child with back-and-forth mind and heart about 5 months ago. Still, I am going through post abortion that by telling myself that I have killed my baby with back-and-forth mind and heart, and I miss my baby and unforgettable moment in my and husband whole life.


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