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We love you

Country: Nepal

Date to Memorialise: May 12, 2022

I just want to say sorry because I couldn't take care of u. I am thankful that u were inside me and made me feel very special. The day I found that I was pregnant it hit me really hard but there was happiness somewhere because it was our baby the love we shared. You will always be in my heart forever.

I just regret that I wasn't ready to take care of u and because of my family and other things I had to let you go. I am just 18 starting to build my future but God had other plans and that day became the worst day of our life. The pain, the tears, the marks of those sorrows won't go easily but its life and we have to carry on with it. I wonder sometime if the time was different than maybe we could meet but whatever happens, happen for a good reason so maybe you weren't in our destiny.

I am just so happy that my partner is with me in my worst time and encouraging me emotionally, and mentally. Time is rough for both of us but we are trying to be normal and we will because there are many good days left to be felt. Hope u will forgive us my baby. We love you so much. Thankyou My Hero for being there with me every time.


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