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Stories and Reflections

Hear from people who have been through the journey of healing from abortion.

Little Buttons

Little Buttons is a short documentary that explores an untold side of abortion; the grieving process. It follows the stories of three brave women as they share their own experiences and the personal journeys they each took toward healing.

DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Alexandria Murphy; EDITOR: Mackenzie Hudgeon; CAMERA: Ysabella Smith; AUDIO: Jessica Morley

Red Washed White

“I didn’t dare to think that I could bring up a child without him. We managed to fix an abortion appointment within a week." That was the start of June’s journey as she battled with guilt, shame and pain from abortion for the next few years. Time did not heal her. Learn about her abortion experience and how she processed the loss of her child.

Buttons Project Mini Documentary

A mini documentary on Marina and Peter Young Founders of the Buttons Project.

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